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Friday, April 19, 2013

The Indie Anthology 29: essential songs

Was checking among the archives which song I could highlight today when I realised there's a much beloved band of mine that hasn't appeared yet in this section. That wasn't in order. Besides, they are finishing their sophomore album, "Our Years in the Wilderness", that should be (finally) out soon, so you can count this post also as a call: hurry up, I'm dying to hear your new tunes!

Song: Night Comes Down
Artist: The Hi-Life Companion
Year: 2010

How to choose just one song from the beautiful, diverse and strong "Say Yes!"? I wonder, did they have in mind comprising all indie styles when they gathered at the studio to record this album? Because this is just a stunning indiepop jukebox of 10 songs. A music statement. The group making you dream about larger than the horizon fields on the gorgeous instrumental "Fifty Thousand Acres" is the same that goes to the disco on the intriguingly titled, and ridiculously catchy, "The Girl In the Gorilla Suit". Umm, I realise I have to make a post about the whole record. Let me focus and go back to the point. If I had to choose one, that would be "Night Comes Down". All chorus, vocals intertwined while swimming in an ocean of flourishing instrumentation. Then the tunes stops to let us hear a guitar, instruments keep coming... and the last two minutes are just glorious. Instant classic on an unmissable album.

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