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Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Indie Anthology 28: essential songs

I'm really enjoying my latest music-related reads. Kristin Hersh's "Rat Girl", "I Was Keith Richard's Drug Dealer" and Dean Wareham's "Black Postcards", which is making me listen again to some forgotten bands. So the next chapter of our Anthology is devoted to them.

Song: Night Nurse
Artist: Dean Wareham & Britta Phillips
Year: 2003

I jumped very late into Dean Wareham's bandwagon. To be honest, wasn't very impressed the first time I listened to Luna and not immediately engaged when a friend told me about Galaxie 500. But it was this dreamy gem taken from the side affair "L'Avventura", a romantic whisper between the then lovers Britta Phillips and Wareham, a modern impersonation of Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra, but playing soft and warm space rock that made realise what I was missing. Then I turned back to Luna and to found out a very special band, floating music where almost every note sounds true. Looking forward to do the same with Galaxie 500.

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