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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Discoverer 57: new indie findings

New wonderful discoveries this Sunday. Great indiepop groups on infallible labels, enjoy!

The Fireworks. How many times have I referred to a Shelflife Records' release? Here's another one! Coming from London-Brighton, initially this was just Matthew introducing some of his songs to his closest friends over the phone. Luckily Emma (from the lovely Pocketbooks) Isabel and Carys (later replaced by Shaun) were convinced enough to form a proper band by 2011. Gigs, including Indietracks, and a session for Dandelion Radio followed, hitting the studio on 2012 to record their self-titled first EP, out since March. Instant pop melodies infused on feedback, soaked in reverb. Vocal harmonies assaulting walls of noise. The Pastels backed up by My Bloody Valentine. A noisy indiepop feast.

Northern Spies. Speaking of recurrent labels, this blog & the world would look like a musically miserable place without our beloved EardrumsPop friends and their wonderful free singles. On their EPOP30 they introduce us to the world of Astrid Wiezell Howell, young musician from gorgeous Stockholm, who just started to sing under this nickname after the summer of 2012. With witty but lovable lyrics, she makes the blend of acoustic songwriting and indiepop charm so natural & disarming I'm sure her tunes will become your homespun treasure. Plus the EP comes with some delightful bonuses, so what are you waiting for?
The Smittens. Aww, the music connections! Thanks to Northern Spies I found out about this much veteran combo from Burlington, Vermont. Formed at a party in 2002, since then the quintet has released fourth studio albums, a remix ep, a handful of singles and compilation appearances. Their latest LP,  "Believe Me", arrived past summer thanks to another always reliable label, Fika Recordings. They make expansive, in-your-face, joyful indiepop. Believe me, just try one tune, and if doesn't bring you a smile to your face, a ridiculous desire to do some hand clapping or start shaking yourself, I'll stop writing from this moment on.

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