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Friday, August 26, 2011

Let's Buy Happiness, Lisa Hannigan and Veronica Falls amazing new songs!

Going back to music after a couple of political posts, because this week has been one to remember in that sense. Great new songs from Feist, The Rapture, Atlas Sound, Florence & The Machine, St. Vincent, some new amazing discoveries, and above all, three new gems from soft spots of mine, favourites of this blog.

Let's Buy Happiness- "Dirty Lakes"
It is not the first time, and I'm 100% sure won't be the last, I write about this Newcastle band. If "No Hot Ashes" EP was a wonderful start, "Six Wolves", an excellent follow-up, and "Fast Fast" one of the best songs of the year so far, now we have "Dirty Lakes", their next single, out on September 26th. I'm starting to believe that if Sarah Hall sings it, even the phonebook will sound hauntingly beautiful. Because the track is, again, hypnotic indie-pop, a superb blend between the sweetness of her voice and the peculiar, almost ethereal guitar line, exploding into a winning chorus. Knock-out, again.
Let's Buy Happiness - Dirty Lakes

Lisa Hannigan- "A Sail"
We already reported that "Passengers", her new album, slowly approaches (has been pushed back to an October 10th release), but I can say the first tastes of the record are impressive. I'm officially in love with  “A Sail” (that you can get for free right after joining her mailing list), a quintessential Lisa Hannigan's tune: an unforgettable melody propelled with her warm, mesmerizing vocals. Need more? Then try the faster and equally loveable "Knots" or the bluesy “Flowers”. Eagerly waiting for October!

Veronica Falls- "Bad Feeling"
Followed since "Found Love In A Graveyard" and "Beachy Head" conquered the blogosphere, this summer, after being completely won by "Come On Over", I was lucky to see them at the FIB Festival. Their terrific performance showed that their album, out September, is going to be one the highlights of 2011. First single "Bad Feeling" mixes an edgier sound at the start, driven by pounding drums, with their trademark male/female vocals. Is another outstanding example of their indie-pop style, catchy as hell, but with a mysterious and dark halo. Irresistible  combination.
Veronica Falls - Bad Feeling 

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