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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Discoverer 17: new indie findings

Time for the weekly recommendations!

The Robot Heart. Described as "Icelandic sounding Beach Boys", this four-piece from Brighton, UK, are gorgeous epic indie-pop songcrafters. That's what you feel hearing their eponymous debut album, released in May, or their previous EP "Dust". Leaded by Tom Marsh after a turbulent and sad period for him, I don't think their name makes justice to their music. Because this is emotionally uplifting, hauntingly beautiful electro-acoustic sound with a lot to scratch behind the surface. The opposite of a robot. As Guy Garvey from Elbow wisely says "A very special band.”

The Robot Heart - The Robot Heart by B H Recordings

The Moth & the Mirror. A six-piece supergroup from "the factory", Scotland, including Stacey Siewright, singer on The Reindeer Section and Arab Strap, and Gordon Skeen from Frightened Rabbit. Active live since 2006, their debut album, "This World, Honestly" will appear in October 10th. Meanwhile, check their myspace for great tunes, and you MUST download (for free) "Lights in the Sky", their new single. Dream-pop, chamber-pop, folk-pop, multi-layered and epic, with the stunning voice of Stacey (love at first listening) on top of it. Counting down the days...

Grass Widow. The third proposal hails from another recurrent place, San Francisco, where this female trio formed in 2007 and quickly got the attention within the underground scene. In 2009, they released their first S/T LP, followed in 2010 by album "Past Time" on label Kill Rock Stars. Self-taught musicians, part of the DIY (they even do their own music videos) community, and active in social and political movements, their music resist to be categorized. Melodic post-punk? Adventurous pop? A combination of exquisite three-part harmonies, punk attitude and intricate guitar parts and arrangements. A unique an addictive experience.

Grass Widow "Milo Minute"

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