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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Discoverer 20: new indie findings

As I told you on Friday, I had wonderful music discoveries this week. Let's unveil some!

I Break Horses. Maria Lindén and Fredrik Balck come from gorgeous Stockholm, and their debut album, "Hearts", out now, is making some well deserved noise at the blogosphere. Because the duo has created something, that despite aligning with the sonic landscapes of My Bloody Valentine or Slowdive, sounds strangely unique, alive, delicate. Dream-pop/shoegaze meticulously crafted (36 months of work), where Lindén subtle vocals are the needed counterpart to icy cold sounds, with a slight electronic tinge. A work of special sensitivity. An experience for the listener. A revelation.
I Break Horses- Hearts

Pocketbooks. Better late than never. This band from London has been on my radar since 2009, when their debut album "Flight Paths" saw the light, but I never had the occasion of listening them (too much music), until this week, where I got completely abducted by "Promises, Promises" the advanced single from their second LP, "Carousel", released in September. Checked everything available online, so now I can say the band has the amazing talent of offering you bright, engaging or/and delicate indie-pop gems with unforgettable melodies and boy/girl harmonies. Eagerly awaiting the "Carousel"!
Promises, Promises by pocketbooks
Footsteps by pocketbooks
Fleeting Moments by pocketbooks

Very Truly Yours. And another late indie-pop discovery, this time thanks to the beloved Eardrums Music blog, that posted their first video, the lovely "Girls Tell You Secrets" a few days ago. Shocked by the tune, I virtually ran to search more about the band, that hails from Chicago, and has been active since 2008. Their discography, a couple of EP and one album from 2010, "Things You Used to Say", is a charming collection of the sweetest twee-pop, reminiscent of bands like Camera Obscura, Heavenly or Belle and Sebastian. Addictive.

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