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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Discoverer 18: new indie findings

Introducing you this week's three proposals! Enjoy!

Brilliant Colors. Punk-pop, C-86 style, to blow your mind at first listen. That's what this trio from San Francisco offers in their stunning sophomore album "Again And Again", out now on the great Slumberland Records. Infectious tunes, mixing uplifting melodies and sweet vocals with vital riffs. Hearing the impossibly catchy "Value Lines" and "Hitting Traffic", or gems like "Cult Face" and "How Much Younger" makes further writing a bit pointless, because this is a surefire contender for the best-of-2011 albums lists.

Pepper Rabbit. Still in California (L.A.), we change the style with Xander Singh and Luc Laurent and their slightly experimental-psychedelic and utterly addictive indie-pop. After a praised debut "Beauregard" last year, they recently released "Red Velvet Snow Ball", where the formula gets perfected and more immediate. Lush, engaging and peculiar is the universe this duo creates, one that can attract thanks to the atmospheres and richness of their sound, as well as for the talent to build a gorgeous pop melody, like the charming single “Rose Mary Stretch”. A name to follow closely.
Red Velvet Snow Ball Sampler by Pepper Rabbit

Babette Hayward. Sometimes a voice catch your attention, and in a matter of seconds, haunts you completely. That's the case of this young (21 years) singer/songwriter from New Brunswick, Canada, with her debut album "You Might Be Somebody" (she has a previous EP worth to check). Categorized along the folk revivalists, and compared to Gillian Christie, Laura Marling or even Cat Power, Hayward's talents are above references. She displays a bewitchingly poignant and honest indie folk-pop that escapes repetition, sounding diverse and rich despite its simplicity. Captivating.
 "You Might Be Somebody" by babettehayward

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