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Friday, August 19, 2011

Introducing... the Bloodbuzzed facebook fan page

It should have been for a better reason, like an attempt to improve the blog advertising or so....but the truth is that we have been forced by facebook. At the start of this week I've been threatened by the social network (that's exactly the term, they threat you) of losing my account next time and been disabled for 15 days. Here's the reason:

Now, each time I want to comment something, no matter the content is or who is addressed I get this "wonderful" message: This feature is blocked for you: As we notified you earlier, this feature is temporarily unavailable because you've been sending spam and irrelevant posts on Facebook Pages.

What really annoys me is that you can't appeal or explain them their mistake, and the attitude behind their messages. What did they notice? Nothing really. I understand that managing something as facebook is a titanic challenge, but it is clear that in this particular case they haven't read any post they are accusing of being "irrelevant or spam". Because if they did, they would have realised that, what I simply do, as you know, is posting on the wall of the groups' facebook pages every time I mention them or I write about them on the blog. In which way that is spamming or irrelevant? I'm proud to say that almost 12.000 visits to the blog and numerous thanks/warm/kind messages from many artists prove the contrary.

Anyway...thanks to a friend suggestion once I explained the situation, I have created the Bloodbuzzed facebook fan page (probably something I should have done earlier), expecting that way, we will avoid this sort of "issues" in the immediate future, aside for making communication easier. That's why I ask you to join it and become a fan, the more the better. Thanks a million in advance!!

Oh, now we also have an e-mail you can contact directly. So if you want to share something, send me you music (if you are a band or a promo agency, if you take a look to the blog, you'll know what sort of taste I do have) just do it here:

Thanks again!

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