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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Discoverer 19: new indie findings

Back with Sunday's music proposals!

Seapony. This trio from Seattle could be added to the ubiquitous sun-bathed lo-fi music trend. Yes, the surf pop's West Coast feeling, the fuzzed-out guitar and simple drum paths are there. But luckily, "Go With Me", their debut LP (they released an EP on 2010) out since May, has plenty to offer. There's tension in the album, between rockier tunes, Best Coast's style, and the poppier ones, getting closer to C86 spirit and showing a really attractive dreamy side, where Jen Weidl’s vocals shine in a particular, narcoleptic way. Seapony provides immediate fun, but also repeated listens to go deeper.

TV Girl. Sampling is not my thing, but this was a forced exception. Trung Ngo and Brad Petering come from San Diego and in October 2010 they released a praised self-titled EP, thanks to the addictive "If You Want It", that also gave them serious problems with Warner, as they sampled Todd Rundgren. After a split single with Dirty Gold in March, they are back with this "Benny and the Jetts" EP. Four stunning songs, full of references (dream-pop, lo-fi, 70s, soul), with a sweet melancholy transcending all debate about sampling. Just great music you can grab freely in their bandcamp or facebook!

Help Stamp Out Loneliness. Preparing a playlist, I recalled the indispensable "Songs About You" by The Language of Flowers. Searching to know what happened to the band, I found that Bentley Cooke and Colm McCrory formed a new band, and you know what? It's ace. HSOL are a sextet from Manchester with an eponymous first album, out since spring, that every indiepop lover should listen. Why? Because of D. Lucille Campbell vocals, the killer melodies, the keyboard parts, the dark lyrics, the jangly guitars... Could keep writing 'cause the only fault is an awful cover. Forgiveable when on the inside you have such a gem.

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