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Monday, December 31, 2018

Best Songs of the Year 2018: 50-26

We are getting close to the end of the 'road', and with any further delay, here's comes the third round of our Best Songs of the Year, now with those comprised between 50 and 26! The 'difficulty level' is exponentially increasing, with thoughtful and hard decissions to be made in order to configure the rank of the last fifty positions, a direct result of a pretty stunning collection of tunes that have dropped during 2018. We hope you like the selected ones as much as we do, and don't forget to keep tuned, as we will unveil the final playlist tomorrow, with the arrival of 2019. Have a really nice New Year's Eve!

50. From One Another- Totally Mild
49. In Your Car- Free Cake For Every Creature
48. Sozialisiert In Der BRD- Botschaft

47. Slow Rise II- Sun June
46. Itchy Sweater- Young Scum
45. Sing To Me Candy- Papercuts
44. What’s Chasing You- Marlon Williams
43. One Rizla- Shame
41. Untold- Red Red Eyes
42. Knickerbocker Street- Clint Michigan
40. I Can´t Listen to Gene Clark Anymore- Marissa Nadler
39. Danny Nedelko- Idles
38. On Division St- Nation of Language
37. Avalanche- The Treasures of Mexico
36. Twentytwo- Sunflower Bean
35. Dylan & Caitlin- Manic Street Preachers
34. Hasta La Saciedad- Sr. Chinarro
33. Woman- Cat Power
32. Wittgenstein- The New Raemon
31. Elastic Days- J. Mascis
30. Punch Drunk- Martha Ffion
29. Todas las Fiestas - Hazte Lapón
28. We Can’t Win- The Goon Sax
27. The Rover- Interpol
26. Mainland- Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

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