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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Best Songs of the Year 2017: 50-26

Keeping with our steady rhythm, here's comes the third round of our Best Songs of the Year! After the two previous chapters, we are getting closer to the final ranking, so each time is becoming harder to decide what band or artist should be included. But after a lot of thinking-listening here they are, "our" tunes comprised between positions 50 to 26 with their playlist for your listening pleasure. Enjoy and stay tuned, tomorrow we will unveil the last round of tunes, our TOP 25! Still a lot to listen!

50. Chemtrails- Deranged
49. Amber Arcades- It changes
48. Big Thief- Shark Smile
47. Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever- French Press
46. Nation of Language- Indignities
45. Algiers- The Underside of Power
44. Cosmen Adelaida- Contra la Pared
43. The Stevens- Chancer
41. Mark Lanegan-Beehive
42. Hurray for the Riff Raff- Rican Beach
40. Fazerdaze- Lucky Girl
39. LCD Soundsystem- Call the Police
38. The Courtneys- Silver Velvet
37. Priests- Nothing Feels Natural
36. The Keep Left Signs- Tomorrow
35. Ride- Lannoy Point
34. Renaldo & Clara- Sense Voler
33. Beaches- Arrow
32. Las Ruinas- Viva la resolución
31. U2- The Little Things that Give You Away
30. The Stroppies- Gravity is Stern
29. Slowdive- Star Roving
28. Eyelids- Falling Eyes
27. The Luxembourg Signal- Blue Field
26. The National- The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness

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