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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Primavera Sound 2014 in brief, day 1

As you probably now, this is the Primavera Sound 2014' week so, which explains the lack of updates on the blog this week: yes, I'm abducted. But like we did on previous editions, here I'm going to start our quick chronicles of each day of the 2014 Festival. To begin with, our particular opening day!

The Good
Showcase La Castanya
Esther Margarit, the "Queen Bee"
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
La Castanya's pop vibes: One of my favourite national indie labels, on Wednesday 28th they gathered a wonderful trio of their impressive roster for a special showcase at Primavera Sound:Aries (look for her on the Spanish discoveries section very soon), Beach Beach, and my beloved Me and the Bees.Three ways of understanding pop. Three bands (and a label) to follow closely!
New records: The three bands have a pretty busy 2014 ahead. Aries is already on tour presenting her highly recommendable 'Mermelada Dorada'. My dear Bees just released their second album 'Mundo Fatal' that I reviewed at Indienauta on Thursday and YOU SHOULD BE LISTENING RIGHT NOW! And Beach Beach already unveiled their new single, advancing the new album. 2014 looks for a great year at La Castanya!

The Bad
Vocals: Regrettably, this is not the first time I write this with regards to La [2] de Apolo. Again, sound was so-so, and in particular, it affected the vocal performances of the three acts. Didn't ruin the shows, but it was frustrating to see (and not hear) the three bands suffering the same problem.

The Queen
Showcase La Castanya
Beach Beach under the guitar waves
Photo: Bloodbuzzed
Beach Beach: Missed them playing at Primavera Sound 2012, soon after discovering them. But not anymore. Put The Feelies, Teenage Fanclub (they played with Gerard Love at Primera Persona), or any of your favourite 80s-90s indie rock guitar bands in the cocktail shaker and shake with some surf-tinged Mediterranean vibes. Even despite the aforementioned sound issues, at La [2] de Apolo they delivered a flawless show. Intense, joyous, full of guitar lines (seriously impressed with Pau Riutort) to explode in your head. Ace, ace band. Eagerly awaiting for their forthcoming sophomore album.

Brief of the first "big day" of the PS14, Thursday 29th, coming very soon here!

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