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Friday, March 29, 2013

"Village Green", as gorgeous as indiepop can be

Village Green 

Let me introduce you to the Village Ten Collective, a trio of wonderful bands: blog favourites The Very Most, recently discovered intimate pop geniuses Adam and Darcie, and new amazing finding Canoe. Released just a couple of weeks ago, the album is composed by six songs, with each band covering one tune from the other two. The result is a little indiepop delight. Each cover sounds unforced, completely natural, the result being extremely cohesive, coherent, honest, and what's more important, haunting.  

First song is Adam and Darcie's "Take Them All Away" covered by our beloved The Very Most. If you read this blog (thanks) you should know what Jeremy Jensen is capable of doing if he dreams a melody. Now think what he can do with a gentle paced, charming melody made by craftmanships Adam and Darcie's. Wonders that is. A cheerful, expansive, joyful tune that could fit perfectly on any TVM release.

Then is Adam and Darcie who covers Canoe's "Drip, Drip, Drop", turning the mellow and intimate folk-pop affair the tune seems to be on an unexpected epic voyage. Warm guitar lines and Darcie's voice rising above. If you don't get moved you're deaf, sorry.

And the first round of covers closes with Canoe's covering The Very Most's "Dodged Ev'ry Bullet Pt. 1" (what a cool title). Subtle and delicate, the song is transformed into a pastoral number that slowly grabs you.

Our imaginary side B opens with TVM again, now adapting Canoe's "The Caspian Sea". Right now might be my favourite of the lot, with these vocal twists, the simple but flamboyant chorus, and the irresistible upbeat rhythm once the guitars arise. Tune its followed by Canoe's take on "Never Been a Pilot" from Adam and Darcie, which is definitely a grower, with a mind-blowing guitar shimmering in the middle of it.

And closing the mini-album we have Adam and Darcie version of TVM's "You're in Love with the Sun". The original is already magnificent, but the lovely couple from Provo makes the tune their own. Intensity, that feeling of closeness with the listener, that rare feeling of being invited to a very private party. It's the ideal finale for an album that seems a celebration of three bands that share friendship and a genuine love for the music they play. Everything fits, even the beautiful artwork by Marta Tortajada is perfect. As gorgeous indiepop can be.

SCORE: 7,5/10  

Listen below and grab it while you can!

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