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Friday, March 1, 2013

Spanish Indie 11: suggesting the best national acts

Very happy to have "revamped" this section of the blog, many interesting bands coming!

Las Ruinas. Not the first time I wrote about this trio as I saw them live at Primavera Club 2011, but they deserved a proper mention. Born in 2008 in Barcelona, after a homemade demo and two self-released albums, "Butano", in 2010, and "Disco de Autoayuda para Mutantes", in 2011, gained the appreciation of local underground scene and national press. The wise people from El Genio Equivocado signed them that year, re-releasing both LPs on a double CD and, past October, their latest work, "Groarrr!". They define their music style as heavy-pop, but I propose you a simple but exciting equation: punk-pop + humour & surrealism + liveness + fun= Las Ruinas. Roar with them!

October People. Young quartet coming from Madrid, they started in 2010 and quickly established their sound as well as themselves as band, crystalising past October (of course) with their self-titled debut album. 8 songs that brings us back to the dark-pop of the 80s. October People play post-punk with punch, immediately recalling zillions of bands (from Joy Division to Interpol, from The Sound to Editors, from The Chameleons to Echo and the Bunnymen), but being able to sound as urgent as passionate, as bleak as danceable, and as credible as addictive.
The Trees. Discovered them last week, at the Minifestival de Música Independent. A very young  band from Barcelona, created last year and with just a first self-titled EP, recorded on April 2012, out now. Even despite their logically short repertoire, here's a group to follow closely. As they proved live, their songs, a delicate and highly emotional folk-pop that recalls bands like Great Like Swimmers, are evocative, intense and heartfelt. Here's a group that really puts everything they have, that immerse themselves in their songs. A group that deserve to be listened.

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