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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Discoverer 54: new indie findings

This Sunday we have a special edition on our "Discoverer series", as it has been "curated" by Jeremy Jensen from The Very Most. Two of the three proposals are wonderful bands that he highlighted on the amazing video interview posted on the blog earlier this week, plus a third band he recommended me by e-mail. What an impressive music taste he has. Hope you enjoy!

Silver Screen. Very hard to find info on this band, no much more aside this is the long-time project of Cris Miller, a one-man band from L.A. that has been around for virtually a decade. With just one album released in 2006, "The Greatest Story Never Told" references on him vanish until... now, with the announcement of a new record "When You and I Were Very Young" out in April on Plastilina Records. Please listen the bandcamp link and you will find a mind-blowing jangle-pop, an immediate timeless classic album. Where have you been hiding Mr.Miller? So glad you are back!

Souvenir Stand. When I asked Jeremy about a new band he had recently discovered she suggested the songs of Souvenir Stand. What a lovely choice. Let me introduce you to the music of Stephanie Cupo, this young singer songwriter from New Jersey, NJ, with just a small collection of demos and an EP, "Days I've Spent With You", released past summer. Quoting Jeremy "this is a great girl-group Beach Boys style-influenced, with really great songs, really great singing". Indeed great. Near perfection vintage tunes, 60s inspired retro pop with Ms. Cupo's voice flouring all over. We want more!

Adam and Darcie. "One of the most beautiful records ever made. Gorgeous from front to back. Beautiful folk, harmonies, just so good, I can't even tell you". If a gifted musician like Jeremy Jensen says this when asked about an underrated record he considers a classic, you instantly go through the Internet to search for it. He is referring to 2009' "California Trail", second album of this husband and wife duo from Provo, Utah. They debuted in 2007 with "The Valley Where I'm From", and their latest release (collaborations, contributions to coral LPs and Christmas EP aside) dates from 2011, with EP "Early in the Morning", both available on the infallible Indiecater Records. You don't need many songs to understand why the praise. This is highly emotional music, done with a care and honesty that sounds like pure magic, like if this lush, delicate and embellished folk-pop was created just for you. Warm and soaring intimate songs. 100% agreed Jeremy, "they deserve to be very well known".

Of course, thanks a million dear Jeremy!

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