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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Stop Awful Covers 9

Here we go again, this is a nightmare that never seems to end... the disaster goes on and on. When selecting this latest chapter of the Awful Covers Series I had hundreds of horrible covers to choose among... Bad taste spreading. Please musicians, think about what you are doing to your art. Please stop...

Phoenix: Bankrupt!
Sure the nicest  cover of the lot, but the French band's new sleeve is seriously disappointing . Looks inviting to you? To me looks really boring...

Keaton Henson: Birthdays
Nothing to celebrate with that disgusting figurine on top of a cake.

 The Night Marchers:  Allez! Allez!
Where do I begin? Creepy, disgusting, lame, _____ (add your own).

Strange Talk: Cast Away
The more I look, the more I'm convinced the Empire of the Sun' folks  will appear anytime soon  from behind that .... well, thing.

Teen Suicide: Rarities, Unreleased Stuff, And Cool Things
Where do I begin, part 2? This is just ridiculous. Why someone would like to put out a cover like this one?

Comanechi: You Owe Me Nothing But Love
I think the band owes their fans an apology for that, too...

They Might Be GiantsNanobots EP
The idea, mixing  classic art with nanobots could have been curious (ejem)... but the results... are not. 

Eric Clapton: Old Sock
"Slow Hand" at his lowest moment. Same person who cheated Neil Young did it again.  

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