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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Indie Anthology 27: essential songs

Back from a short mini-vacation and what's better than returning to posting that recovering our Anthology? The rescued song today was an attempt to prove I can also write about cheerful songs, and a band that has just comeback and deserves its fair share of vindication.

Song: Tonight I Have to Leave It
Artist: Shout Out Louds
Year: 2007

Folks, that's what I call a hit! Imagine a world where people wants to enjoy really good music and not the awful amount of shit that saturates tv, commercials and radios. In that ideal world, Tonight I Have to Leave It, would have been the soundtrack of 2007's summer, and a mandatory tune to dance on every single disco with some taste. The indiepop "Swedish factory" did it again. Think on The Cure (that voice, that melody) hitting the dance floor unabashedly. Think on that rhythm and that drumming finale. In an ideal world, Shout Out Louds just offered the quintessential joyful, vital tune ready to make you smile and shake you.

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