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Monday, January 7, 2013

Music to Look Forward to in 2013

New year ahead, new musical wishes! Like we did on 2011 here's our small summary of the releases/events we're looking forward to. A brief shortlist of the "music gifts" asked for 2013. 
  1. To begin with, our particular Three Kings, three especially beloved bands of this blog that will have new releases in 2013. Tomorrow arrives "Pretty Decent Swimmers" new EP from the mighty indiepop force Northern Portrait. The Very Most announced few days ago on facebook that a new EP will follow this spring/summer (Jeremy Jensen has told me it will be even better than the great "Ununiversalizable Us", what a statement!). And finally, The Hi-Life Companion assures me 2013 will see their comeback after the wonderful "Say Yes!"
  2. Two young bands that have me completely haunted and should offer their debut albums this year. Fear of Men and Let's Buy Happiness. Can't wait to hear the voices of Jessica Weiss and Sarah Hall in their new songs. Expectations couldn't be higher
  3. More heavenly voices: Rose Elinor Dougall promised me she will have another record ready this year. Please make a Spanish tour too! And it's time for my dear Basia Bulat to come back too. 
  4. Amor de Días and The Pastels on the same year? Yes! Pretty sure I'll see both bands live...  
  5. Planning to attend March's Madrid Popfest. Dreaming to be part of Indietracks on July.
  6. Third Primavera Sound Festival, of course. The chance of seeing Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Eels and Blur live for the first time there? What about The Shins? Well, the PS13's line-up deserves a post on its own... (coming very soon)
  7. Three "big names" to end this list. First one, Phoenix have confirmed their return!
  8. Second. Camera Obscura also has announced they are recording a new album. Too long without you Tracyanne...Can't wait for it...
  9. And one to be confirmed, but evidence suggests (at least in my head) that 2013 should be the year of The National's follow-up to "High Violet". Need to say I'm dying for it?
  10. And finally, the most personal and toughest wish: really hoping for a 2013 where this passion of mine (music, writing about music) becomes (or starts to) a profession...
Sure, there are many more out there, and many more that will be discovered. That's the amazing thing with music. What a year this can be!

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