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Friday, August 5, 2011

The haunted castle: The National's best performance

Oh, summer mornings when you are a bit lazy to do anything... But sometimes you end checking, by chance, a series of old videos you didn't see when they were made public (May 2010). In this series, "The Castle Rock Sessions", The National play three songs from "High Violet" at an abandoned castle on the Hudson River. The building, in the middle of the woods, seems to affect the sound, providing the music an otherworldly energy. Might be the best performances I have seen (goosebumps with "Little Faith") of these songs, and intertwined with the amazing visuals the location provides, it makes a haunting experience.

"Terrible Love"

"Anyone's Ghost"

"Little Faith"

The National. Since "Alligator", the best band on the planet.

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