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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Discoverer 48: new indie findings

The first trio of proposals in this 2013. Judging by this new findings, the year ahead of us looks amazing! Hope you agree with me, enjoy!

Beat Mark. They hail from Paris, but have nothing to do with French music cliches. The quartet was born in 2009, after an initial seven-track cassette, they embarked themselves on their first LP, "Howls of Joy" out, only in France, in 2011. But 2013 is going to be their year. A brand new EP, "Beat Mark... Move On" will be released on February 15th, and the aforementioned record will have a proper global release three days after. We should celebrate, because this band merges the noisy vibes of 90's American rock scene with the charms of 80's indiepop. Fuzz & melodies, intensity & vocal delights, noisy & urgent pop to cheer you up.
Yakuri Cable. This Scottish (Glasgow again folks) quartet approached me on Twitter few months ago. I immediately liked the tunes, but the lack of information made me put them on a "have to check" status. Little I knew that half of its members were also part of the wonderful, and dearly beloved Baffin Island. Then it's quite easy to understand why the band tunes, just five songs available at their soundcloud at the moment, sound so delicious. Charming indiepop, with a slight synth-pop touch presiding their music, the overall feeling couldn't be so promising. Keep an eye on them this 2013.
Golden Grrrls. Still on Glasgow to meet this trio, which after a couple of 7"s, now is preparing themselves to assault the indiepop scene with their debut album, out on the infallible Slumberland Records and Night School records on February 25th. They have all the weapons to achieve the victory. Infectious and uplifting guitar-driven twee-pop, full of hooks, melodies, reverbs, sun-soaked vocals and armonies... Expectations couldn't be higher after what we have heard so far. Anxious to confirm the first great impressions.

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