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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Indie Anthology 24: essential songs

I'm on a roll, listening to hundreds of songs, from this year (preparing the best-of-the-year lists) and from my past (recent and not so recent). I guess change is around the corner (I know, cryptic mood I'm in). So here's another chapter of this personal music anthology. Jangle pop's perfection.

Song: Cabin Fever
Artist: The Liberty Ship
Year: 2004

Guitar pop, jangle pop, or just classic indie pop. It really doesn't matter how do you try to define that sort of style. Get perfect tunes like this wonderful "Cabin Fever" from this Nottingham's quartet ("Tide" the record on which this gem was included shouldn't be missed by any indie pop lover) instead, also a perfect example of the "Matinée Recordings' style" and the reason why we love that label so much. Is the melody revealing itself through every chord. Is that pulsing beat coming from the drums, a pulse awaiting for the chorus to emerge, looking for its latest assault when the tempo will push (just a little bit) in order to provide the climax to the tune. Is the clear and echoing voice of Marc Elston waving among the Rickenbackers (of course) cascades of sound. Is the passion. Put it simply, an instant classic tune.

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