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Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Indie Anthology 23: essential songs

I know, I know. My previous post was already a chapter of this very particular indie Anthology . But while doing my research of new bands for tomorrow's "Discoverer" section, I've found the new release of a band I had completely forgotten. So it was a fantastic excuse to "clean the dust" of a lovely EP.

Song: Ride My Star
Artist: The Girl With the Replaceable Head
Year: 2001

Ten years already since I received this extremely simple, b/w EP from the now defunct Bus Stop Label in my mailbox? Wow, time flies. And usually has no mercy. Except with great music. Wonderful tunes resist everything. It was 2002 when I discovered this hypnotic, marvellous trio of songs. Immediately grabbed a copy through the Internet (not that usual buying that way then). And the leading force of the three was "Ride My Star". That simple start with keyboards before the melody and mellow female vocals arrive were pure bliss. The whole song was enveloped on an aura of pure magic, slightly fuzzy despite its "bedroom style", and I guess, small budget for production. Yeah, it was lo-fi when lo-fi wasn't "cool". It was C86 when that was "yesterday's news". But guess what? Eleven years after, it still stops the time. At least for me. 

No youtube video this time, but here's the link of the EP

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