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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Discoverer 47: new indie findings

Elections day this Sunday, but there's always time for great new bands to discover!

Guards. DNA matters. This trio formed in NY City in 2010 by Richie James Follin, brother of our beloved Madeline Follin of Cults. Initially wrote some tunes for her, but ended keeping them for himself, with the help of friends like Chairlift's Caroline Polachek, MGMT's James Richardson and Madeline, of course. Then came a series of 7" to keep the buzz going until the release of "In Guards We Trust", debut album expected for February 2013. Sure comparisons and expectations will be recurrent, because they certainly sound like Cults and that joyful bunch of retro-pop bands. But hey, while they deliver perfect indiepop pills like "Coming True" or "Silver Lining" who cares? Fated for big things, believe me.    
Guards - Coming True by Guards
Guards - Silver Lining by Guards

Cameras. Down to Sidney to meet this quartet (previously trio). Formed in 2008 by Eleanor Dunlop and Fraser Harvey due to their “mutual love for layering darker dirtier sounds with warmer delicate melodies”, on 2011 they released "In Your Room", very successful debut that now arrives the rest of the world. A bipolar band, when Dunlop sings they sound like the missed Broadcast or Chan Marshall on an M83 tune, while when Harvey leads its like discovering forgotten tunes from Interpol's "Turn On the Bright Lights". Atmospheric or aggressive, the album shares a haunting mood, a bleak vibe that gives it a unusual coherence. Fascinating music.
Bored Nothing. Still in Australia, we move to Melbourne to meet Fergus Miller, who under this pseudonym has just packed some of his best tunes, added a bunch of new ones and have released three weeks ago on a self-titled debut album that has to be seriously highlighted. Stylistically diverse, Fergus can make you think on Daniel Johnston, Sebadoh, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart or Real Estate from one song to another. You can say this is DIY lo-fi indierock very much devoted to the 90's. But to hell with labelling music. This is the sort of magic you can create with an electric guitar, good taste and tones of talent.
Bored Nothing

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