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Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Indie Anthology 22: essential songs

New chapter of our Anthology, that this time also aims to be a (modest) but open vindication of a group, then a solo artist, criminally neglected despite being responsible of a couple of records plus an EP that are among the most beautiful music created in the last 15 years.

Song: Coat
Artist: Angelou
Year: 2000

How uncool is admitting I wasn't impressed at all by Jeff Buckley's "Grace"? Or that I didn't know about Nick Drake? During my university years it was mainly R.E.M. and jangle-pop bands, plus a bunch of female singer-songwriters (Beth Orton on top). But thanks to mythical radio programs like "Boulevard" or "Siglo XXI" (how important was Radio3 for our musical education, sadly those days are gone) a new voice appeared. It was Holly Lerski fragile, mysterious but warm folk-rock. For me, first came "Hallellujah EP". I remember going back and forth on my Walkman to listen again & again my crappy radio recording of their haunting cover of "River Man". Angelou made me discover Nick Drake. Then came a pretty odd, Spanish only, compilation of their tunes entitled "Midnight Witcheries" that was absolutely flawless (and now a very important person in my life possess).  It wasn't enough. "Automatic Miracles" followed, and then "While You Were Sleeping". An absolute favourite of mine. Ethereal, delicate, intimate. Where instruments aren't just playing, they are shining. Where silences and space are also notes. And where simplicity equals purity and honesty. Melodies that seem suspended in the air, expected to the band to be grabbed. Abducted as a I was by the record, the tune "Little Sister" "forced" me to check Buckley again. Luckily. Holly, please come back! 

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