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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Baffin Island EP, near perfect indie pop equation

Baffin Island EP

Let's talk about maths today. Here's a very special equation for your indiepop brains: Half The Hermit Crabs + Half The Very Most= Baffin Island. 

I don't know what this equation equals in maths, but in music means gorgeous indie pop. Two of the most beloved bands of this blog joining forces again in another EP (remember that great debut on EardrumsPop?), out now in WeePOP!     

"Sorry For Myself" opens the EP with sweetness. It has the joyful music DNA of The Very Most, and despite Melanie Whittle's vocals are probably a bit hidden within the -delicious, shiny- mix, by the time the backing vocals appear, you already have fallen in love with the tune. Granted and certified by the combination of two bands that really now about pop.

"This Year" follows in a breezy, moody way, a perfect song for a grey day outside, or for last, crucial dance of the night party. Reminds me to Camera Obscura's slower tracks, even in Mel's vocals... but why it didn't last longer? It's a cruelty to end such a beautiful song that soon.

"That Summer Feeling" is a Jonathan Richman cover, something that I suppose has a lot to do with Jeremy Jensen's personal tastes. It's a fine tune, that fits really nice with Mel's vocals, but in my opinion is the less remarkable tune of the lot, as it gets a bit repetitive in its tone, probably because that plaintive beat, almost like a programmed pulse, over which the line "that summer feeling is going to haunt you the rest of your life" like a mantra.

But we quickly reach the final song, "We Were Meant to Meet", a more upbeat number that sounds closer to The Hermit Crabs to me, and its probably the stand-out of this EP. The drums rattling on the chorus, the magic interlude, the lush and bright crescendo near the end... All in all, a pure pop gem.

Aww, if all mathematics were as wonderful as this (music) equation!

SCORE: 7/10

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