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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Spanish indie 6: suggesting the best national acts

After a long hiatus with this section, we are back with new proposals. Enjoy!

Reina Republicana. Born in 2009, but really active in 2010, after two singles (one with Las Robertas) and several changes in the line-up (initially it was formed by members of Kokoshca, Tristessa and Half Foot Outside), by the end of 2011 they released their first, self-titled, LP. With the new voice of Maite Rodríguez, and the help from Banin Fraile, Florent (Los Planetas and Los Pilotos), Guille Mostaza (Ellos) y Paco Loco, the album flourishes as a wonderful collection of shiny indie-pop tunes. Here's great pop for everyone, from shoegazers to La Buena Vida fans or c86 lovers. Hail to the queen!.

Christina Rosenvinge. It was a matter of time Ms.Rosenvinge had a space here. Musically active since "la Movida Madrileña" (80s) she pursued a very personal career, working with Lee Ranaldo and Steve Shelley (Sonic Youth) during the 90s-early 2000s. Back to Spain from NY and from English to Spanish, her latest albums, the excellent "Tu Labio Superior" (2008) and "La Joven Dolores" (2011), have consolidated her status as a national indie muse. My advice? Check the exhaustive boxset, just out now, "Un Caso Sin Resolver", and enter the world of this unique artist.
Christina Rosenvinge - Mi Vida Bajo el Agua

Cosmen Adelaida. You'll always find interesting groups on El Genio Equivocado's roster, a Spanish label with a special nose to detect and recruit talent. Like this band born in Madrid in 2007, that after two EPs, at the end of 2011 released "7 Picos" their mini-album debut, an impressive and highly addictive small collection of the most diverse indie-pop. Ranging from gorgeous twee-pop (irresistible girl-boy vocals) to creeping guitars on a grunge style, to synths and loops that recall names like Stereloab, Cosmen Adelaida has created a unique pop caleidoscope. Band to follow closely.

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