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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Discoverer 30: new indie findings

Town Hall. Thanks to (again) I discovered this indie-folk trio from NY City, who just released their debut-EP “Sticky Notes and Paper Scraps“, that you can get via bandcamp for the price you want. Do it, because it's hard to find a more haunting and loveable sound, a flawless collection of songs The wonderful vocals of Phoebe Ryan’s (strikingly beautiful when she is the lead singer) and Stefan Weiner, their harmonies, and the delicate and rich instrumentation adds an unusual depth to the EP. Gorgeous little work, that can only be praised. More soon please!

Cassolette. This 6-piece band come from Sarasota, FL. After a few demos, the great folks at Cloudberry Records, asked the band to contribute a song to a special 3-inch CD-R compilation that made some European twee labels, French's Anorak Records and Spanish's Little Treasure Records to release an EP. Three labels with a good ear to recognise the contagious music of Cassolette, upbeat and hyper-catchy twee-pop that recalls Go Sailor, propelled by singers (and band founders) Ciera Galbraith and Jesse Coleman. Quintessential jangly and  bouncy pop, for your listening pleasure.

Утро. I'm a bit dubious this can be technically considered a new discovery, because behind this Russian name (that seems to mean "morning") there's a well-known band, favourite of this blog: Motorama. The post-punk masters now have added side-project, Утро, in which they use their Russian language to become even more fascinating and powerfully mysterious to our ears (sorry I can't understand Russian). It's Joy Division's again the name that inevitably comes to mind, but in their darkest, abysmal and intriguing hour. As with Motorama, the album is available for free at their website. That is, if you are able to find it... But sometimes is worth getting completely lost.

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