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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Shins, Veronica Falls, Nat Johnson= great songs!

Three favourite bands of mine have showed new songs today. What a wonderful afternoon!

We were lucky to hear it first at the Primavera Club past November, but today London's Veronica Falls have "officially" showed the world a new tune: "My Heart Beats". Melody and rhythm, essential trademarks of the band, for another indie-pop perfection clocking in less than three minutes!

I told you before, we absolutely love Nat Johnson's music, and we are counting down the days to grab "I'm Across, I'm Asshore" their awaited new record. Here's another taste of the album, with a youtube video of "Your Majesty". Wonderful song. We salute you Queen Nat!

And finally, another music genius, James Mercer, coming back as The Shins with a highly anticipated new album, "Port of Morrow". After haunting us with the great new single "Simple Song", now he offers the video of its b-side, "September".

The Shins: “September” (b-side of “Simple Song” 7”

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