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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Discoverer 29: new indie findings

New indie proposals for you!

Lower Dens. Just when I heard "Brains", first song of their second album, "Nootropics", out this spring, the Primavera Sound announced them among the line-up. Baltimore based, this is the band of Jana Hunter, a great folk artist (and guitarist), that worked with Devendra Banhart and Andy Cabic (Vetiver). After a hiatus, Hunter returned to "music" in 2009, releasing "Twin-Hand Movement", Lower Dens' debut LP, in 2010. And what a record this is. Atmospheric, epic yet introspective, misterious, colorful, dreamy, instrumental yet compelling when Hunter's soaring voice appears, tense but placid at the same time. Like a guitar-driven's "Teen Dream", ethereal, but a bit closer to you after each spin.

Summer Twins. Chelsea and Justine Brown are twin sisters in their (ridiculously early) twenties, that decided to form a band (they are four live) in 2008, inspired by 50s and 60s rock records. After an initial self-released EP, "The Good Things" in 2010, now they have just presented their first album, "Summer Twins", on Burger Records. A sun-baked collection of wonderfully catchy (check "I Don't Care" and tell me you don't like it) dreampop tunes. Think of Tennis with a little hint of retro garage rock, or Best Coast with a focus on vocal harmonies. Great expectations.
Lost Lander. Although a new band, behind Lost Lander there's the mastermind of Matt Sheehy, from the really recommendable group Ramona Falls. Besides, the just released debut album, "DRRT", has been produced by Brent Knopf, Ramona Falls frontman and former member of Menomena. The combination of both forces makes this album very special. Indie folk-pop are the barebones of the songs, embellished and propelled to something lush and atmospheric, with a mesmerizing production. The result is hypnotic, with many contenders for the best songs-of- the-year lists inside. 

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