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Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Indie Anthology 4: essential songs

Back from a work trip, with our four "anthologic" tune, first from Spain.

Song: Arte
Artist: Nosoträsh
Year: 2002

This twee-pop wonder of less than two minutes was the spearhead of "Popemas", a landmark album on the Spanish indie scene that this year arrives to its 10th anniversary. A collection of little miracles with the form of tunes ("Gloria", "Corazón Colilla" are also gorgeous) reduced to the barebones, the essence, in an example of concission and a ridiculous talent to find unforgettable melodies with lyrics to be sung in the intimacy, like in "Arte", where romanticism and quotidianity are adorably combined. The Asturian female-band found an incredible moment of inspiration and braveness with this unique record, one to be remembered (as the Primavera Sound did last year). Here's my modest homage.

"Now that is art".

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