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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Discoverer 31: new indie findings

New bands for you!

Hospitality. You know when a song gets stucked in your head? That's what's happening to me with the chrous of "Friends of Friends". Or the "dadada" part of "The Birthday". Or the melody of "Betty Wang". I could go on for each one of the ten songs that conform "Hospitality", their debut album, out since January. This Brooklyn trio, leaded for the addictive voice of Amber Papini, formed in 2007. After releasing its well received first self-titled EP in 2008, they remained quiet for a while, but not anymore. Signed to Merge Records, this band is fated for greatness. Indie-pop at its best!

Hospitality - Betty Wang by MergeRecords Hospitality - Friends of Friends by MergeRecords
Persian Rugs. More recent obsessions. There's a  song that gives me goosebumps: "Always All" from Toronto’s Persian Rugs. Formed in 2009, they started recording in 2010 (demos available at their bandcamp), officially debuting with "Always All EP" on Cloudberry (again) the next year. Unstoppable, dreamy pop melodies, with shimmering guitars, hazy reverb and the intertwining voices of Ian Jackson and Kaye Hamilton (amazing) recalling Sarah Records, Comet Gain, Veronica Falls or a poppier Kids On A Crime Spree, bands which Persian Rugs have shared stage with. More please!

Novella. Ending this week recommendations, and thanks to the superb taste of the blog skatterbrain! I discovered this female trio from London, UK, set to release their self-titled first EP in mid-March, on Italian Beach Babes label, while they'll be touring UK alongside Veronica Falls (lukcy brits!). Recalling  another female band, Warpaint, Novella offer a powerful and hypnotic indie rock plenty of psychedelia and guitar riffs, naming Flying Nun or Brian Jonestown Massacre as influences. Check their available tunes on souncloud and, like me, you'll be eagerly awaiting for the forthcoming EP.
Don't Believe Ayn Rand by Novella.
The Things You Do by Novella.

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