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Friday, October 21, 2011

Primavera Sound Festival 2012: my wish list

Three days ago, I made my 20 bands' sweepstake for Primavera Sound Festival 2012. Now I'm back with another category: the petitions. Hoping the line-up will shape into something similar to this (a mix of the two posts), the majority of the 20 bands listed could be "possible" (meaning releasing new music and/or touring in 2012) but a few are personal favourites that will be really hard to "recruit" for Barcelona. Still, dreaming is free...

Be Like Pablo. Among the most exciting bands I discovered this year, they would offer an amazing gig for sure.
Beth OrtonDon't know if she's planning her (real) comeback finally next year. But it has been so long. The world (and myself) needs Beth's voice!
Cat Power. Performing "You Are Free"- Not a real fan of her, except this superb album.
Decemberists, TheWhat can I say? They would me an absolute must-see for me. I got very disappointed this year as they didn't toured Spain. Hope they do. 
Doves, The. Know they're on hiatus, but is one of the bands I must see before it's too late.
Eels. I'm getting more and more addicted to Mr. E's music recently. The time has come for me to see such a unique artist.
Electrelane. Played some summer festivals this year, so it is too much to ask for more?
Hermit Crabs, The. 4 years have passed since they released the adorable "Saw you Dancing". That's not in order. I need more songs. If not possible, Baffin Island (as The Very Most should be in Barcelona too) would be a wonderful option too.
Hi-Life Companion, The. I wroted this before. "Say Yes", their only album, is outstanding, so I would love to see it played live. Plus, if you check their news, they are back in studio, so if they have more songs to show...
Innocence Mission, The. I must hear Karen Peris live at least once before dying.
Lambchop. Same case as Eels, I would love to see Kurt Wagner live. Full band please.
Motorama. Among the so-called post-punk revivalists the Russians are the best.
Mynabirds, The. Auditorium + Laura Burnheim + her gorgeous music= perfect mix!
Nat Johnson and the Figureheads. They just announced the name of their new album, "I'm Across, I'm Ashore" that will be out on February 2012. There's no excuse for one of the greatest indie-pop talents to finally land in Barcelona.
Phoenix. Skipped Barcelona with the "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" tour, which was a shame. Expecting new music next year, and a headlining presence at PS too.
School, The. They toured Spain but not Barcelona! An injustice to be solved in 2012.
Summer Fiction. Can you imagine Bill Ricchini and co. playing at one of the PS stages located in front of the sea? I do, and would be amazing.
Trespassers William. They should play right before or after Mazzy Star (I bet they will be at Primavera Sound). What a dreamy night would be!
Vaccines, The. They felt from the line-up last year, but seems they will have new music for 2012 (Strokes producing?). Besides, I'll go with someone that would love their gig.
Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Like Colin Meloy's band, this is a pending and unmissable concert.

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