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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Discoverer 23: new indie findings

It's been a week plenty of movies and books, but there's always time for new music!

Turn Off Your Television. From the music I have been receiving at the blog inbox, this trio from the very beautiful Malmö, Sweden, stands out. Why? Because they are like a jukebox of the finest indie pop in almost all their forms. Their inspired and diverse self-titled album is full of intimate, memorable songs, subtly arranged, always with an unforgettable melody. I love records that seem slowly crafted, where every song transmits a special care. The kind of album that every day grabs you with a different tune. That's what Turn Off Your Television offers. Music lovers shouldn't miss them.

Big Troubles. Slumberland, again. This band from New Jersey, leaded by Alex Craig and Ian Drennan returns to action with "Romantic Comedy" a second album that sounds like an indie-pop manual. A more polished and softer affair than their debut, "Worry", this collection of tunes combines brit-pop effervescence, retro-pop vibe, jangling melodies, with some others guitar-driven, rockier tunes. From The Boo Radleys to Dinosaur Jr., the 80's and the 90's indie "aristocracy" will parade in our ears. All resistance is futile.

Human Tetris. Few info available from this four-piece band from Moscow, but from this week on they're definitely on my radar. Active since 2008, they have two highly recommendable EPs, "Human Tetris" and "Soldiers", an album on the making and an European tour announced for 2012. Their icy but passionate post-punk/new wave music, with hints of shoegaze or more ambient sounds, links them directly to another favourite of this blog, our beloved Motorama. Some great music is coming from Russia lately!

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