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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Discoverer 24: new indie findings

Three great new bands for your this Sunday, enjoy!

Big Deal. Kacey Underwood and Alice Costelloe. Remember the names of this Brit couple as they are destined to do great things. They started only a year ago but the fuzz around them is growing steadily. And with a reason. "Lights Out" their debut album out now, is a wonderful blend of acoustic guitars with a rockier, almost grunge background sometimes, and their two voices intertwined. It might sound simple on surface, but their tales about  insecurity, nostalgia, love and relationships, are warm and enduring. You will find yourself singing alone one of its enchanting choruses.
Big Deal - Chair by Big Deal
Homework by Big Deal
13 by Big Deal

Cut City. More post-punk. If past week was Human Tetris, this time we go (back) to Gothenburg, Sweden, to introduce you this excellent four-piece group. Active since 2005, the band released two EPs, "Cut City" and "Narcissus Can Wait", and a debut LP, "Exit Decades" in 2007, that was mistaken for Interpol's "Our Love To Admire". They are back this year with their new album "Where’s The Harm In Dreams Disarmed". You might guess how they sound, somber post-punk, that evolves to shoegaze and hints of ambient, with space for a icy guitar riff. But you shouldn't miss it. Stunning.

Wake the President. Checking eardrums music always pays its dividends. This time after watching "She Fell Into My Arms", the new video of this Glaswegian band. Addictive as hell, I ran for more tunes, and what an amazing band I've found! Their debut album, "You Can’t Change That Boy", released in 2009, is an indiepop goldmine, a record that echoes the best of Orange Juice, Belle and Sebastian or the Go-Betweens. "Zumutung!", their second LP out now is as enjoyable as the first, less immediate but equally rewarding, with hints of post-rock added to the palette of this jangly melodists.
She Fell into my Arms by Wake the President
Elaine (1st 7" single from the new album) by Wake the President
02 Professor by Wake the President

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