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Friday, October 7, 2011

The 25 greatest artists of the last 25 years: the top 10

And after the first batch of groups... the top ten!!

10. The Divine Comedy. The gentleman of indie and one specially beloved. An incredible songwriter, witty, clever and bright, and a unique talent for creating that tune that sticks in your head while hits your heart, something Mr. Hannon has been doing for 20 years now. And always with a smile.

9. Arcade Fire. From terrific hype to most beloved indie band to universal music stardom, the Canadians have been capable of achieving massive success without losing any of their idiosyncrasy. On the contrary, they arguably did with their richest and most interesting album, "The Suburbs".

8. Arctic Monkeys. They revolutionized music industry with their brilliant debut album, and consistently proved they weren't a hype, but one of the best bands of the past decade. The superb "Suck It and See" is the last evidence Alex Turner's band is fated for greatness.

7. Oasis. They ruled the world a few years in the mid-90s, but don't forget that behind all crap that surrounded brit-pop, "Definetely Maybe" and "What's the Story (Morning Glory)" are just masterful rock albums. And Liam's voice still captures something very few singers can. A generation sung through his throat.

6. Belle and Sebastian. They have lost some charm with their last records, but "Tigermilk" and the immaculate "If You're Feeling Sinister" are still central chapters of the "indiepop Bible". Their influence among other bands is so easy to trace. The world would be a much awful place without them.

5. Pulp/Jarvis Cocker. Pulp was, with the perspective of time, the best band of brit-pop. In fact, they were way more than that. They are a music treasure coming from Jarvis' unique, genuine mastermind.

4. PJ Harvey. Probably, the best solo artist of the last two decades, that keeps challenging herself after twenty years of amazing career, as the indispensable "Let England Shake" has proved.

3. The National. "Alligator", "Boxer" and "High Violet". Enough said. In my opinion, and without a doubt, the best band of the new century, millennium or last decade.

2. R.E.M.. Starting at 1986, "Murmur" doesn't count, but we have great albums like "Life's Rich Pageant", "Out of Time", "Up" and their final "Collapse Into Now". Plus, of course, THE ALBUM: "Automatic for the People". They will be forever missed.

1. U2. Two undisputed (and personal favourites) masterpieces, "The Joshua Tree" and "Achtung Baby", an excellent album like "Zooropa", and many many great songs from other records. Ambition and ideas translated into the best live show, "Zoo TV". A band that was capable of reinventing and challenging themselves. Still hoping they are able to do it again.

Bands/artists deserving a mention although didn't make the list: Phoenix, Lambchop, Stone Roses, Pixies, Pavement, Primal Scream, Pearl Jam, Damon Albarn, My Bloody Valentine... Hope you enjoyed!

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