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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Discoverer 26: new indie findings

New bands for you!

Of Monsters and Men. Iceland finest! They began in 2010, when Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir turned her solo project into a quartet band, winning last year’s edition of Músiktilraunir, Iceland “battle of the bands” competition (praise judges & audience for their good taste). Encouraged by their triumph, they added two more members to the line-up, creating a bigger, expansive folk-pop sound. The contagious, rich and vital sound you'll enjoy in their debut album "My Head Is An Animal", released this September. Ómissandi! (indispensable).
Of Monsters And Men - 'Little Talks'

The Blanche Hudson Weekend. Change of style. Hailing from Leeds, UK, featuring Darren and Caroline from the ashes of the Manhattan Love Suicides, they started in 2009 as a one-record idea with several guests helping on recording. But after a 7" single and first live shows, two more singles and a compilation, "Reverence, Severance and Spite", followed in 2010. And this October they released what's considered their debut album, "You Always Loved Violence". Glorious noisy twee-pop, recalling Talulah Gosh or The Primitives. Addictive!
The Blanche Hudson Weekend - The Bitterest Clash
The Blanche Hudson Weekend - Let Me Go
The Blanche Hudson Weekend - Noise and Fury

The Soft City. After reading the review of their self-titled 2010 debut record, on the great blog 360º de Separación, I had to check if what they say was true. The Soft City are a super-indie group created by Phil Sutton (Comet Gain, Kicker) in 2007. After an EP, Sutton was joined by Jason Corace (A Boy Named Thor), Kyle Forester (Ladybug Transistor, Crystal Stilts), and Dora Lubin's amazing voice, indeed like a young Natalie Merchant. Imagine early Maniacs, Go Betweens, Belle & Sebastian, girl and jangle greatest groups (I know, a dream come true). They have a new EP, "Four Stories", out now, so more gems to hear!

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