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Monday, May 9, 2011

Spanish indie 2: suggesting the best national acts

I enjoyed doing the first round, so new suggestions of Spanish indie bands!

Odio París. This new band from Barcelona must be the most hyped Spanish (indie) group in many years. Aside the comparisons with Los Planetas (early times) and The Pains of Being Pure at the Heart, both pretty obvious, what we have is a debut album (out very soon) without a single bad track on it, and that's what matters. Melodies infected in feedback and reverb, gold indierock, C-86 style, but in Spanish. Fame awaits the Spanishgazers!
Odio París - Cuando nadie pone un disco
Odio París - 1 de Noviembre

Russian Red. Lourdes Hernández broke indie Spanish standards with her first album, "I Love Your Glasses", on 2008, selling more than 40.000 copies (an impressive mark for a debuting singer / songwriter here). Tomorrow she will publish her second record, "Fuerteventura", produced by Tony Doogan (B&S, David Byrne, Teenage Fanclub, The Delgados) in Glasgow and with the help of Belle & Sebastian musicians. Impressive names for a highly awaited album, that promises changes while she keeps her natural talent for writing indiepop gems.

The Bright. Classic, acoustic folk-rock from León? Yes sir, you're right. Miryam Gutiérrez and Aníbal Sánchez are the duo behind "Soundtrack for a Winter's Tale", their first album, already released, a stunning collection of tunes that seem to converge somewhere between the American tradition and a more diverse ambition, with the (be careful with her warm voice, you might get addicted) presence of Myriam dominating a record as pleasant as exciting to hear. Sorry for the easy joke, but the future looks bright for them.

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