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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Primavera Sound 2011 wished setlist: Pulp

And of course, after The National and Belle & Sebastian, on Friday 27th will be the time for one of the most expected gigs of the Primavera Sound Festival 2011, and for me personally, as I will have the opportunity of seeing a band that I thought I won't be able to see: Pulp. So excited to hear "Common People" and some personal favourites live (please play "Something Changed" and E's & Wizz")! Prepare your Jarvis Cocker movements!
  1. Disco 2000
  2. Mis-Shapes
  3. Cocaine Socialism
  4. Babies
  5. Bad Cover Version
  6. Help The Aged
  7. Lipgloss
  8. Glory Days
  9. Birds In Your Garden
  10. This Is Hardcore
  11. Do You Remember The First Time?
  12. Sorted For E's & Wizz
  13. Something Changed
  14. Common People
  15. A Little Soul

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