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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Discoverer 9: new indie findings

Next round of indie proposals!

The Loom. This six-piece group from Brooklyn is among the most exciting discoveries I made recently. They debuted with “At Last Light Ep” in 2008, and after touring the US/Canada, they have completed their first album, "Teeth" (immediate release). Gorgeous instrumentation (horns, trumpets, banjos, ukeleles, keys, hand-clapping, besides guitars and percussion) and an intriguing combination of male/female vocals. Folk, glimpses of americana, indiepop, some electricity...A collection of epic tunes, beautifully crafted that recall so many bands (from Great Lake Swimmers to The National) and force you to count The Loom among the "bands to follow" closely this 2011.

Baffin Island. On Discoverer 7, I presented you the wonderful label EardrumsPop and its series of special, free EPs. After Boca Chica single, today I recommend Baffin Island, the collaboration between Melanie Whittle (from my beloved The Hermit Crabs), with Jeremy Jensen and Jake Hite (The Very Most). "Credentials" that announce what you'll find here: a taste of finest, sweet, delicate and charming indiepop. If you don't think "You Invited Me" is perfect, you don't have ears. And if you don't find "You Make Two Weeks Two Days" and "Darling Please Come Home" (Math and Physics Club cover) gorgeous, you don't have a heart.

Overlord. More Brooklynites and stunning indiepop you shouldn't miss. This is the project of George Pasles, who recorded the first Overlord albums on his own, with the help from members of A Sunny Day in Glasgow, Longwave, and Ui for live shows. But with "In Soviet Russia, My Heart Breaks You" (released on April), Overlord has become a real (and impressive) band, with Sarah Brockett (from the great Palomar), Tris McCall (My Teenage Stride), and Matt Houser (The Human Hearts), they have created a masterful album, where The Beatles meet The New Pornographers and 80s new wave meet The Byrds.
01 - overlord - What Do You Want Me For?
04 - overlord - I Don't Either

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