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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Discoverer 10: new indie findings

Next round of weekly proposals!

The Sand Band. "All Through the Night", debut album (released in January) from this Liverpudlian (great word) band leaded by David McDonnell has been praised all over the blogosphere. And with a reason. A rare honesty and an uncanny talent for melodies permeates the whole record, in which their folk-rock arises into something suggestively different, melancholic, atmospheric and strikingly beautiful. While McDonnell has been recruited by Noel Gallagher's for his new music adventure, I'm pretty sure this album will be among every Best of the year lists. Don't miss The Sand Band.

Austra. Pretty radical drift in style for the blog (not very fond of electropop or goth synth-pop), the recommendation of this Toronto trio has a reason: Katie Stelmanis unforgettable voice. Multi-instrumentalist Katie pursued a career in opera until she decided she wanted to “make classical music with really fucked up, distorted crazy shit on there.” "Feel It Break" first album (out May 17th) as Austra, enters dance territory but has more in common with bands like Zola Jesus or Fever Ray. Add the new wave feel and Stelmanis voice for a simple equation: Austra is going to be huge. Listen to "Lose It" and get mesmerized. AUSTRA Lose It
Tamaryn. And for the third proposal, we move to shoegazing territory with this duo (vocalist Tamaryn and multi-instrumentalist Rex John Shelverton) from San Francisco. Two EPs and a first album "The Waves", from 2010, for a band capable of condensing a cinematic, dense and atmospheric sound, with guitars that will draw comparisons with a more melodic version of My Bloody Valentine, with a female's voice that evokes a noisier Beach House, an experimental version of The Raveonettes, or even Mazzy Star. Big references for a record that you should check immediately. Judge yourself!!
Tamaryn - The Waves
Dawning -Tamaryn by absentminded

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