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Friday, May 27, 2011

Quick note from the Primavera Sound Festival

Hi there! Just a quick post briefing on how the Festival is going after its first two days

The Good
Diversity: many bands to see and options among to choose.
Discovering new bands: so far The Fresh and Onlys and Of Montreal are among my list of positive surprises.
Confirmations: Cults will be huge. And they deserve it. Their music is highly addictive.
And seeing Jarvis Cocker next to you watching Of Montreal!

The Bad
Distances: I understand that with so many options, you need more stages, but honestly, Llevant stage is too far from the rest, so arrive there/move from there when a "big name" is going to play with so many people is a bit chaotic.
Massification: Linked with that, I guess the Festival has become a bit too huge, and is starting to be a bit uncomfortable.
Discovering new bands: unfortunately, some new bands you discover on a festival you won't like at all. In my personal case, that is Islet.
Sound quality: The Festival has to improve. Nissennemondai, Las Robertas, Comet Gain on Wednesday, Cults, The Fresh and Onlys and Interpol yesterday. From slightly to overtly too noisier, in some cases almost burying the voices...
Going home: It is really that impossible for Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona to open all night for just two nights? Why when Barça has a late night game they usually do then?***
The "Portal" thing: I won't say anything about that, because honestly, my least interest on a Festival is beer.

The Queen
So far, the best gigs for me have been...
Comet Gain: they had some sound issues, and Dave Feick's voice wasn't at his best, but their enthusiasm and wonderful tunes were refreshing.
The Walkmen: Best so far from PS. Excellent music leaded by a thunderous frontman. I was a bit frustrated when I saw them on November at BeCool, because the noise killed half of their gig, but yesterday they were superb.

And today The National, Belle and Sebastian and Pulp, so excited!

*** Totally unrelated note, but I had to say it: this morning eviction of the camp in Plaça Catalunya is pathetic. It shows that our government and city responsibles care about football (because tomorrow's match is the real reason of the forced eviction) instead of democracy and the rights of the people to protest. Shame on them. Real Democracy Now!!

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