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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Stop Awful Covers 16

classic section of the blog that begins the year in full form.... for our disgrace. Did you think that 2014 would be the year when artists would take care of their music artwork? You were wrong... The Awful Covers Series is here again....

The Flaming Lips: Second Cassette Demo
I could make an entire section with this band... a regularly bad artwork career. Poor kid...

It's over I tried...: Misandry 
Contrary to the name of this band, they should had tried harder 

Bryce Hackford: Fair
Fair? Where do you see the fairness here dear Bryce? Awfulness is all I see here

Iron Chic: The Constant One 
Constantly disgusting...

Patten: Eolian Instate EP
Our traditional "zero effort" example goes grey this time...     

 Various ArtistsCosmic Machine 
Avantgarde is a synonym of ugly? You learn something each day....

Patterns: Dangerous Intentions
Not the first time I feature dogs getting "too" wild. I insist: it doesn't work on a cover

Lake Radio: Mixtape I
Yeah, I also believe it has a lot in common with Bryce Hackford's cover.... the awfulness in the eyes

Seabellies: Fever Belle
Wow, that's what I call disgusting 

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