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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Stop Awful Covers 13

Not even in California you can hide from the artwork disasters. Here's another episode of our Awful Covers Series, several terrible examples of what musicians shouldn't allow to go on their album sleeves... 

Arctic Monkeys: Do I Wanna Know?
Not really terrible, but again (remember their "White Album"?) very very little effort

TEEN: Carolina EP
Good band, but just terribly worrying bad taste with the image chosen

Melt Yourself Down:  Melt Yourself Down
Indeed, someone's brain was melting down while doing this

Aye Nako: Unleash Yourself
I disagree, you shouldn't unleash such bad taste for a cover...

Twin Peaks: Sunken
Ok, I admit I just don't get what's the artwork about. Mr. David Lynch please?

Devo: Something Else for Everybody
Devo "have to do" freaky covers I know, but that awful?

The Polyphonic Spre: Yes, It's True
Horrendous image, pink fonts...Yes, it's true, that's an album cover...

We are Scientists: Something About You
No animals on covers should be a rule. Can you see why? Hard to find a better example

Cansei de Ser Sexy: Planta
That's what I call taking things "too literally"

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