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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Music to Look Forward in 2014

Another blog tradition: our new year's music wishes! A small summary of the releases/events we're looking forward to. And yours?
  1. To begin with, our traditional & most beloved sure-fire: Jeremy Jensen, aka The Very Most, will be back quite soon with new lush and charming songs. But the challenge in 2014 is greater. Seeing each other again. UK on the horizon! 
  2. Another sure-fire is going to be my first gig of the year: Basia Bulat at the end of January presenting "Tall Tall Shadow". Plus, few weeks later it will be the turn for Savages. Oh My, Oh My. 
  3. The Hi-Life Companion keeps me waiting way more than is reasonable! "Our Years in the Wilderness" has to arrive very soon, we need it! 
  4. There's an indiepop genius up north (Sweden) called Andreas Jonsson who has been releasing stunning tune after stunning tune in adorable singles for almost two years. Now Alpaca Sports is going to offer a full album, entitled "Sealed with a Kiss", scheduled for February. What if it is so perfect we don't want to hear anything else? Show some mercy for the rest of musicians out there Andreas! 
  5. Young bands conquering the world.This is REALLY the year Planet Earth (at least the part that's not deaf) should fall forever in love with Fear of Men and Let's Buy Happiness. And 2014 should be also the year where the young indiepop army from the Dunedin scene (courtesy of the lovely people at Fishrider Records) conquers the world. It would be a much better place anyway. 
  6. Two favourite voices of mine are expected to offer new music this year. Rose Elinor Dougall will offer a follow-up to her fantastic "Future Vanishes" Ep. Can't wait. But the COMEBACK in big capital letters for me is the reunion of Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott. Record on the works. To hear them together hear her's been so long. Goosebumps already. 
  7. Indietracks, Indietracks, Indietracks, Indietracks... repeat 'til become truth!
  8. Fourth Primavera Sound Festival. I already posted my wish list recently. Check it here.
  9. Even more & records expected: Northern Spies, Hospitality, Belle and Sebastian, Me and the Bees, Grushenka, Cosmen Adelaida, The Swapsies, Young Romance, Sharon Van Etten, Be Forest... And what do infallible labels like Shelflife, EardrumsPop, Slumberland, Matinée, Test Pattern, Fortuna Pop!, Dufflecoat, WWNBB, February Records, El Genio Equivocado or Discos de Kirlian have prepared for us? And yes (let's go mainstream for a second), it's true this time. It's a U2 year. Maybe too late? We'll see...
  10. And finally, the most personal one: you're going to see (better said read) me writing quite a lot out there. Here's hoping for the very best...
Of course, there are many more out there, eager to be discovered. The year in music could be spectacular!

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