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Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Indie Anthology 33: essential songs

Recovering the Indie Anthology, which is going to be much more active in the coming months (just wait and see)... with a classic band which could be (its an ongoing, growing rumour, with exciting and pretty clear clues you can follow) announcing a comeback after almost 20 years! Primavera Sound bosses are you hearing me?

Song: When the Sun Hits
Artist: Slowdive
Year: 1993

Choosing only a song from "Souvlaki" is incredibly hard. Of course, let's skip the mighty "Alison" from the lot. But "When the Sun Hits" has everything. The trademark cinematic dream pop sound, the tension in the verses, nailed by the ringing guitars, and then the burst, the reverb and Rachel Goswell backing vocals appearing to carry Neil Halstead into the stratosphere, hailed by these "Hey hey!" and the final 30 seconds, where the tune fades. A full soundtrack in just one song. Would be a wonderful gift seeing you at least once live, Slowdive, so fingers crossed the rumours are true.

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