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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Discoverer 84: new indie findings

Sunday means new bands for your longing ears, here's another trio of discoveries!

Potty Mouth. The info on their website is pretty clear: "we’re four ladies doing what we want to do!" Hailing from Northampton MA, the band started in the fall of 2011. They debuted with self-released tapes ”Bad Bad", in September 2011, and "Big in Brazil", in June 2012. ”Sun Damage" a 12" EP came out also that summer on Feeble Minds, Ride The Snake and Puzzle Pieces Records. Finally, in fall 2013 came “Hell Bent”, first album released on Old Flame (US) and Marshall Teller (UK). Powerful, straightforward, bold and young, the record is a stunning collection of sincere and arresting punk-pop. Girls to the front!

HOUNDSds. Under this pretty curious name hides the recording project (sometimes also band) of Brooklyn's multi-instrumentalist Patrick McIntyre. Active since 2010, his first release, "The Technology of Love" EP arrived that October, with "Los Dos" EP following in April 2011. The overall praise of the first homemade works, made McIntyre go further with their following releases, releasing "Phone Thou" as a cassette on Chill Mega Chill Records in March 2012, and "Conduct", his latest EP to date (all EPs are "name your price" at his bandcamp), past November (first recorded in a studio). Evocative, gentle, dreamy and lush indie-pop, where Wild Nothing meets Real Estate, HOUNDSds tunes are a delicious intimate affair for any caring listener.
The Ian Fays. More music courtesy of our Italian friends of the We Were Never Being Boring (WWNBB) collective. Twins Lizzie and Sara Fay, helped by older sister Lena and, more recently, brother-in- law Samuele, began playing in 2003 in Arcata, Ca and debuting with LP “The Damon Lessons” in 2005, out on Homesleep. They moved to San Francisco in 2007, releasing “Dylan’s Lost Days” a year later. A lot of touring followed until 2010, when third length, “Jensen’s Camera” came out on WWNBB. Finally, in November 2013, the Fays published “The Most Spectacular Party”. Like being invited to a private party, the idiosyncratic "Fay sound" makes their fragile, whispered, adventurous, intriguing indie-folk-pop genuine. Haunting, always inviting, tunes for you to discover. Enter the Fays world.

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