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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Discoverer 83: new indie findings

What a trio of discoveries I've prepared this Sunday. You are going to enjoy, granted!

Desperate Journalist. Coming from North London, this quartet began their career in January 2013, debuting at the Negative Creep club a month later, and quickly started to create some buzz with their single "Cristina", which entitles their debut EP, released in June. Two more tracks followed in November with the mind-blowing single "Organ", out on Label Fandango / Fierce Panda. Atmospheric but thunderous, pensive but immediate and passionate, fuelled by the cathartic voice of Jo Bevan, this is post-punk at its best. In the league of Savages, but more reminiscent to (deeply missed) The Organ, this is seriously a band to believe in.
Joyce in Pola. Eager to introduce you this band. Sort of an Italian super-group, Germana Bargoni used to play in Les Mange-Tout, while Nazareno Realdini was in Calorifero. They shared live paths with their respective bands, and later on shared songs. So when their projects called it a day, they decided to rescue the tunes written. But with the help of some friends, by 2013 they were a proper full band. Our dear friends from We Were Never Being Boring released their debut EP "Any, Some, Other" past October. Five delicious, literate (their name is a tribute to James Joyce's stay in Istria, and within their songs you'll find words from poets Wislawa Szymborska and Sylvia Plath) slices of sunny indiepop, somewhere between The Lucksmiths and Neutral Milk Hotel, at times mellow and acoustic, at times quirky, but always precious and special. More soon, please! Alvvays. Hailing from Toronto, this quintet (recommended to me by Indie Pop Saved My Life, so be prepared, this is really good) formed in late 2012, self-releasing the hyper-addictive singles "Adult Diversion" and "Archie, Marry Me" during 2013, and announcing their early 2014 upcoming debut full-length (cassette versions already circulating). Propulsive, vital and leaded by the killer voice of Molly Rankin, Alvvays first tunes sound like the impossible (?) combination of Bleached and Teenage Fanclub, fuzzy pop with irresistible, larger-than-life choruses. Don't need to tell you I'm dying to hear the full album.

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