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Friday, November 22, 2013

The Indie Anthology 32: essential songs

Another chapter of the Indie Anthology, this time... with a song I immediately link with winter and cold (I wish I could say snowy cold but in Barcelona that's almost impossible) days...

Song: Black Cab
Artist: Jens Lekman
Year: 2003

There are songs so good that become your own soundtrack for a period in of time in your life. That period can be a moment, a day, a week, months... or forever. Tunes with a special vibe infusing a mood that connects with you in a way that goes way beyond the lyrics (not a partygoer to recognise myself on the fabulous opening lines of "Black Cab". No, it has to be the melancholy, the sense of purity (I know this words are risky in music but here's an exception), the shy looks of this gentle Swedish. This tune appeared in my life on winter time, nearly a decade ago, and it keeps doing so, recurrently. It's always welcomed. Another missing link in the hunt for the perfect pop piece that ties Jonathan Richman, Belle and Sebastian, Stephen Merrit, Jeremy Jensen, and many more, "Black Cab" is lush (that flute, the strings) but naturally disarming with its straightforward simplicity, staying with you for the very first time you listen them. As perfect tunes do.

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