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Friday, November 29, 2013

The National Animated for Thanksgiving!

Americans, I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day, and that you realise how lucky you are. While Christmas arrival in Spain means terrible music, with despicable advertising campaigns where awfulness from another dark times are to appear (yes, I'm referring to the terrible Christmas Lottery ad) you got The National with a new tune to celebrate Thanksgiving. Not fair.

Yesterday's episode of the Bob's Burgers series featured a new The National song (100% nationalesque), named "Sailors in Your Mouth", where the quintet gets animated (don't miss captain Matt) in a surreal video in which they embark on a very special trip, that in accordance to the lyrics, serves as a surreal tribute to the gravy is put to the traditional turkey dinner. The band already participated in last year's Thanksgiving special episode with a cover of the classic "Kill Your Turkey" -hearing Matt's singing "kill, kill, kill the turkey" is priceless. Lucky Americans.  

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