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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Discoverer 77: new indie findings

More fantastic new indie discoveries selected for your listening pleasure, enjoy!

Wild Ones. Hailing from Portland, OR, they formed in 2010, a slowly transition from the ashes of local band Eskimo & Sons. They debuted with as Wild Ones (you can track down for a combo named Congratulations if you are into music speleology) "You're a Winner" EP in late 2010, but a year later the band was close to collapse due to a line-up change, serious illnesses, and pretty dramatic economic constraints on the record making process, which took almost two years to complete. But "Keep It Safe" finally saw the light of day this summer, being released by Party Damage Records, and it's something we should celebrate. A natural blend of dream pop with touches of delicate electronics, a flawless and inviting melodic talent and the stunning, disarming voice of Danielle Sullivan. Truly gorgeous music. Thanks for not giving up, Wild Ones.  
Charlie Big Time. Let's meet Matthew Pendlebury, Beth Arzy and Chris Tiplady in Bolton, England. Originally a duo, Matthew and Chris released its debut EP, "A Bit of Charlie", on Cloudberry Records in 2007, followed by the album "The Tall Storeys Of Charlie Big Time" on Series Two in 2008, plus appearances on several indie compilations. Then came a hiatus from releasing new music, until June 2012, after meeting former Trembling Blue Stars singer Beth Arzy, who joined the band on the EP “Dishevelled Revellers”, out on our beloved Matinée Recordings. Also as a trio, their 3rd EP “Sale Or Return”, arrived this past October on Jigsaw Records, with another new tune, “One Step Closer To Enemies”, included on Matinée’s 15th anniversary album. With that kind of outstanding labels and history behind I'm pretty sure you guess what are we talking about here. Soothing and instantly lovable indiepop tunes. Melancholic jangling guitars, irresistible harmonies... This is simply timeless music. Big time indeed.  

Hella Better Dancer. If Leigh Ecclestone (Beautiful Strange Records & Just Music that I Like blog) sends you an e-mail suggesting you a band, what do you do? You immediately go listen. 99'9% chances you'll love them. Latest case is this quartet from Camden, London. Formed in 2009, a year later signed with Roundhouse Records, releasing debut EP "Please Stay Here" followed by "Swimming" EP in 2011. Another EP, "Living Room", self-recorded at home, arrived in 2012, with some Spring demos made available later on. Again self-produced, finally this year arrives "Sleeptalking", backed with "Sleep" on the physical 7" on Beautiful Strange. Shifting from previous lo-fi, folkier tunes, this are spacey and darkly brooding sounds, with striking guitar lines and echoing harmonies. Haze, night and fire. A blast. Thanks Leigh! 

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